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Do you have a friend who is simply better at everything? I do. It's super annoying. We've been best friends since we were sixteen. She's the one with the chesterfield. And she has innate skill in art, architecture, design, and photography. She has an incredible vocabulary and the ability to write better than most people who write for a living. She also has car show worthy vintage cars and hot rods. Really? She can build furniture and weld too? She gutted her house and rebuilt it from the studs to a sublime state of interior design? She's also a badass graphic designer. And, because her husband owns a hair salon, she always has the best punk hair and clothes to go with it. Shut the fuck up. Why isn't she writing this blog?

So. I'm trying to get past this.



Umm ... mine:

See what I mean?

What can I do that compares to such annoying talent? Not much. I can, however, get around on the London underground. Speak French, German, and several German language dialects. Find the best restaurant within a 5-mile radius in a city I've never been to. Strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Discuss the finer points of dog aggression. Vaguely remember why WWII started. Make kick ass Irish scones. Recommend several hundred movies you'll thank me for. Use Windows and Mac (in the same day). And telemark ski down 14 thousand foot mountains. I'm really good at painting (walls). And killing plants. That's something right?

Oh. None of those relate to design. Point? It's possible 1) I should be writing about an entirely different subject or 2) I've spent a good portion of my life admiring other people's bullshit and haven't given myself the chance to explore anything art related for me. Has this happened to other people, or am I just the punk who lets my artist friends keep me around to make them look and feel good?

Well pals, guess what. Those days are over. I've been watching you. I see what you do. Now I too will scoff at and criticize Everything Art. I will say things like "this section seems unresolved" and make it sound constructive and knowing when really it's just lame. Even if I think it's great. Especially if it's yours and I think it's great.

Fuck yeah.

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