Horror Fest

I went to a film festival last weekend. It's October. Halloween nears. It's time for that sort of thing.

Not many people I know like horror films. Including my spouse, so I'm on my own here. Fortunately a few friends from work are equally as demented as I am. I've been watching slasher films since junior high when I worked in a video store and did nothing but watch movies. I could watch anything back then, even if I was alone in my house in the middle of the night. This is no longer the case. Either I've turned pussy or the genre has become smarter. And scarier. And a lot more disturbing.

I am now one of the few people who have seen or will see Lucky McKee's The Woman. This is not your typical jump-scare monster flick. Oh there's a monster alright, in the form of a small town attorney and family man. I'll say no more. I haven't decided if I like this film or not. It's a tough number. And one of the more unsettling I've seen in some time. This is the one that caused some white middle-aged douchebag to freak out after it showed at Sundance. This film review from Benji Carver sums it up nicely. So there you go. Decide for yourself and watch at your own risk.

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