Craigslist Junkie

That's me. I'm rooting around on there all the time. Do I ever really score stuff? Once in a while. For example, my $40 tanker desk. Also my Vespa. And my car. I just got a nice little Macbook on there last week too. Otherwise Craigslist could be the biggest time-waster in my life. Not including my day job, that is.

So Denver is not exactly a design mecca. Imagine, if you will, boatloads of teal, oak, and brass for sale. You have to be patient, and persistent. Weed through other people's mistakes trying not to let it depress you. If you're really intent on something it will show up. Eventually. Unless it's a classic leather chesterfield and you live in a cow town, of course. But you must search often. As in every single day, and sometimes more than once. I know you're cool and unique, but there are always other people looking for the same thing. And they can be annoyingly adept at getting there before you do.

I don't know why but I'm much better at selling items on Craigslist than scoring stuff on there. Maybe I'm selling my stuff way too cheap. The trick is the right pricing, good pictures and information, and waiting it out. Unless you need cash right now just list it and forget about it. If your price isn't jacked up, someone will come along. They will probably lowball you, so determine the lowest you'll go ahead of time and try to stick to it.

One last thing. It's not just you, Craigslist transactions are ALWAYS awkward. As so astutely pointed out in this great post at The Brick House.

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