Do you ever wonder if you'll ever see another good movie? I worry a bit when I see half a dozen and my most excited response is ... meh. Or the best of the lot was made for 9-year-olds. This is happening more often to me, even in the world of independent and foreign film. Directors, actors, and film crews pour their lives into creating this artwork, and still they churn out formulaic reels of mediocrity. For people like me, it's a very happy day when movies like Bellflower arrive and come out swinging. Thank you, Evan Glodell, for dreaming this badass shit up and bringing it on. I won't say more because I hate spoiling movies, the less you know the better. And there's nothing ordinary and nothing spoon-fed about this one. My faith in film is restored, for the moment. I only hope I don't have to wait so long for another good one.

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