Cult of Costume

Guess how I'm dressed up today. Not really a costume so much as showing my colleagues what I do and how I look in my spare time. I did get interesting looks on the bus this morning, which always makes me laugh.

This year, in addition to the normal goth activities that accompany Halloween, like the highly entertaining Witches' Ball replete with beautifully costumed Pagans and Wiccans, I'm looking forward to attending the Día de los Muertos processsion.

Day of the Dead festivities can be quite the party. This ancient indigenous Mexican holiday celebrates the deceased and is commonly represented by the skull symbol. Families remember not only the sadness of loss but also the happiness and humor the dead have left behind. Elaborate costumes and masks are worn and gifts are brought to the cemeteries to honor the departed.

I love me a good cemetery.

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