Bright Shiny Objects

One day I want to build ...

I start a lot of sentences like that in my crazy head. Particularly when I see something like this studio apartment built atop a 2-car garage in Auckland, New Zealand. Maybe I could possibly, someday — you know, after I leave Japan AND win the lottery AND learn to focus on one thing for longer than 30 seconds — build something like this at my Denver bungalow over the existing detached garage.
What a great use of space. I love the idea of accessory dwelling units for extra space for homes like mine that are too small for guests. These units can also be rented for extra income either long-term or as vacation rentals on AirBnB. You might recall I'm big on the sharing economy.
My house's current zoning doesn't yet allow for the bathroom & kitchen elements but just to have bright airy studio space above the garage sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Well, as long as I actually use the space ... and that does not include using it as storage!
At the very least I'll be looking into this idea ... one day. We all have crazy dreams, so what are yours? Let's hear em.

design by Karin Montgomery Spath | photography by Matthew Williams | seen on Remodelista


  1. Swoon. That place is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I've been looking at 'tiny' places for the relocation as well. There are so many well designed and gorgeous things out there. I'll hire you as my design consultant when the time comes. [wink] Happy weekend. I'm praying for buckets of rain for the fireworks. Is that wrong? ;)

    1. Ah the fireworks, how could I ever forget? ;)