When I Live in a Beautiful Dutch Village

I will live here. This stunner is Danielle de Lange's cottage near Amsterdam posted on her inspired blog The Style Files. I love it when designers post photos of their own homes. It provides a way to stalk them determine if I like their style.
That ceiling.
Sure, one day I might scoff at bleached out rustic Scandinavian interiors ... but not this day.
Gah! Another damn kitchen for me to covet. Life just isn't fair.
Whoa, it's all perfect on the outside too.

For more photos of Ms. de Lange's home as well as daily inspiration, I highly recommend The Style Files. It's one of the few sites that survived my recent (and sweeping) blogroll cleanup.


  1. Swoon. Love the rustic/modern combination. And the outdoor space, w.h.o.a.

    P.S. Look at you posting like crazy this month. Kudos for being a killer blogger. :)

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