Smokin New Studio Shots

Whaaat, this is really my studio? I had no idea these shots would turn out so well. I cannot stop looking at them. Gonna be the next big thing on Pinterest is what.
Here's how it all happened. I love to barter. I started this little habit when my husband and I owned a restaurant, because everyone has to eat, right? I'd offer up gift certificates in exchange for whatever, usually stuff from other small businesses and friends. Like drugs. One time I threw in a case of booze on a real estate deal to make it happen. Not only is it a gesture most people really appreciate, but it's an alternate currency and a perfectly acceptable way to avoid taxes. Just sayin.
But we sold our restaurant years ago so I have to come up with other ways to take part in the sharing economy. I mean, short of selling my body. (Hahahaaaa.) The leverage I have now is my vacation rental apartment in Vail. I need people in there paying real money this summer and fall. You know, so I can eat? These are my two favorite seasons in the mountains but it's still tough to get overnight stays, even at deep discounts. People are cheap, Vail isn't, and they have to eat too. They also need cash to buy killer Colorado pharma-dope. Priorities! I get it.
Anyway. I thought of kicking up advertising by trading a couple nights in it the studio itself to a professional photographer. Win-win. I score a professional portfolio of my property and the photographer gets to party in Vail.
Time is money and a weekend in my place holds real value. The building might be vintage and fugly but it's still Vail. The interior is chill and the view includes a fucking waterfall. What more do you people want?
Kinda stoked I hustled this all the way from Japan. And just look at what I did, you know, those renovations, all by myself. (I need validation here!)
Still can't get over these shots. Though I'm reminded that my photography pretty much blows. This was the under-ass fire I needed to finally buy a real camera.
For the a full photo tour go to its sick website or listing on Dwellable or Facebook page. BOOK IT while you're there, by all means! Don't make me beg. You can also check out all the fascinating deets on how I revamped the kitchen right here.
Styling and everything pictured is by me obviously but all images in this post are by Joseph Deats Photography. Thanks Joe, you got serious talent.

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  1. Holy &#@%!!!! Haven't been on Bloglovin and didn't realize you have posts. W-O-W, the condo is spectacular! Totally loving it. And if I ever get out of town to Vail, you'll be the first person I contact. Way to go! [did I overdo the exclamation points? Cuz you seriously deserve them for this post, the incredible way the condo turned out and the blog in general!!!!!!!!!] There's definitely a new blog in town and it's killer. <3