Not my Japanese house

Nope, this doesn't resemble my generic suburban Japanese house in the slightest. But it's comforting to know good Japanese architecture and design exists on this island. Somewhere.

And yet ... I have to wonder about some of the styling and design choices employed here. If this house isn't on Unhappy Hipsters, it should be.

Banished from the living room for practicing zen during family time, the blackbird held them in its fixed, indignant stare. 

It reassured him to think the bathroom sink was close because he always found the smell of that particular antique text to be somewhat concerning.

The bunny implored her and again she scoffed, amused by his continued ignorance of symmetry.


  1. Only thing missing from these hipsters is a cat...maybe the bird dive bombed it out into the garden? This is a pretty cool place and the 'tour dialogue' fabulous. Now.seriously.get.this.bad.boy.out.there!!!
    You are totally awesome at this. I'm so jealous. With luck maybe some hackers will crash my site and you can help me rebuild. :) On second thought, they probably will avoid it like everyone else. Sigh.

    1. If that bird is anything like my dog, the cat is already a cold corpse in the garden.

      Thank you for being my #1 (and only) fan! Hackers better not touch your site or I will cut them.

      I'm all about violence today.