My Tiny Mountain Studio Loft

During the summer and fall last year, before I fled the country and moved to Japan with two big dogs ... before all of that ... I bought and renovated a studio loft in Vail, Colorado. Why? Hard to say. Oh wait, probably because 1) I'm certifiable, and 2) a few years ago I decided to become a real estate tycoon. Putting aside the subject of my life intentions for the moment, the work is done and I'm renting it short-term. If we ever get back to Colorado, it will be our small but sick little second home. And I'm stoked about that because then I'll feel wealthy and special even if I'm neither.

As you can see it's not your typical mountain kitsch, which was my intention. No vintage skis or snowshoes on the walls thank you very much. I'll post before/after project shots but for now you get this. Or see more of it here. There's an updated post on it with much better photos here. And please check out its website. You can also rent it! Or tell your rich skier friends and their rich skier friends to rent it. Poor redheaded step children who snowboard are also welcome. I don't discriminate yo. Just pay me.

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