Feast of Merit

I saw this on tumblr and suddenly I feel like I need to go there, wherever this is. Like right now.

Okay good, at least Melbourne was already on my list. Turns out to be even better than it looks. From their website:

Nagaland is a region in far North-eastern India where the tradition of Feast of Merit was born. In Naga culture, when someone within the community acquires a position of wealth, they can choose to hold a festival – Feast of Merit. The whole community – including the poor and disadvantaged – is invited to join together to share the fruits of the person’s wealth. The feast lasts until all of their assets – everything of value – are shared amongst all of the community. This can often take many weeks. At the end of the festivities, the person is gifted with a golden cloak: the highest sign of recognition. This person returns to their life with no wealth or riches, but with the respect and gratitude of the whole village. We come into this world with nothing. Like the people of Nagaland, we believe merit lies with those that choose to give away what they accumulate.

Now I feel like I should go just to volunteer.

feast of merit | perrett ewert leaf architects | via remainsimple.tumblr.com

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