This Japanese House: The Bedroom

A word on tatami. Most Japanese homes have a distinct, permeating, basket smell. Like walking into World Market. Tatami floor mats are made from a natural, raw material but I don't know what it is – reeds maybe? Bamboo? Something. Not my favorite smell. But when in Rome, right? And, bonus, it feels good on bare feet, a lot less fucking cold than wood floors in winter, and it's easy to clean.

Tatami mats cover the one half of the bedroom where the bed can go, so it's mostly under it anyway. This furniture placement is probably breaking all kinds of rules in Japan. I don't care. The room is long, as if it were once two rooms now combined into one, with windows everywhere. Again, too much light isn't the worst thing in the world. Unless you try to sleep in like I do. Every day.

The closet situation isn't good so almost all of my clothes over on the other side of the room. Making this a pseudo dressing room. Usually there's a big pile of them on the Toledo chair. And the floor. I admit I threw everything on the bed for this shot.

This rug is the dogs' favorite place to play-fight. I have no idea why.

So that's our Japanese bedroom. Not terrible for a rental. If I ever get a better camera and a clue about photography, I promise to re-take all of these shots.

Sources: Bed and side tables from Muji. Ikea lamps, curtains, sheepskins, mirror, and rack. Restoration Hardware zinc dresser. Indoor/outdoor rug from Pottery Barn but it was on clearance and not available anymore.

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