High & Low Kyoto

I'm planning a trip to Kyoto next week. Last minute as usual. I usually troll Tripadvisor for a couple hours trying to find well-designed places to stay, funky neighborhoods, and good grub. This half-assed attempt at planning works shockingly well. I also scope Lonely Planet, NY Times 36 hours, Remodelista, and Design*Sponge city guides. I don't end up actually visiting most of the places in those guides but they provide the basics.

My trolling yesterday produced two places to stay, one high end and one low. Check it out.

This is Piece Hostel Kyoto. And it's the LOW end.

Who really needs high end with that place? Well, it IS still a hostel with shared bathrooms ... etc.

Next up, Hotel Anteroom Kyoto. Fuck yeah, sign me up.

I probably won't stay in either place this time because I procrastinated so much. Next time though? I'm so fucking there. And maybe one day, ONE DAY, I'll even put together a travel guide to let the world know where to go or not go in Kyoto. (Oh yeah, and maybe all the other cities I've visited too? I'm so funny.)

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