Recycled DIY Christmas Tree

I'm all about sparkly lights during the holidays. This is the last year we'll be in living in this house so I thought maybe it's time to get our first Christmas tree. That line of thinking didn't get very far. I don't want a real tree because I have a bloody great blue spruce in my back yard that I hate. Why put a mini version of that monster in my house? And artificial trees are, well, ugly. Target has a skinny little black one for 60 bucks that I considered briefly. But then I thought about packing it up and moving it in a few months. Not happening.

As fate would have it, a shitload of heavy snow fell a few weeks ago and busted a big branch off one of the trees out back. I was going to burn it, eventually, in our ridiculously underused firepit. So there it lay.

And my wee little brain started to make a plan.

I cut it down and trimmed it, stuck it in a broken vase I was about to put in the alley, stuffed an old cloth shower curtain to steady the branch, strung some lights from last year, and presto whammo I got me a white trash tannenbaum. The only expense was the $4 for white corrugated paper from the art store for stars.

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