Stalling Out

It happens. And it's happened to me. Something. Winter? Hormones? The Mayan calendar? Whatever it may be has so very considerately left me with at least 17 unfinished projects.

Here, let me list them:
+ final coat of paint in entry
+ organizing storage bins
+ finishing basement remodel (paint, doors, install peg board)
+ changing out light fixtures, finding these sockets in black 

+ building this clothes rack from plumbing parts
+ building a platform bed frame, or just deciding to get an Ikea Malm frame
+ painting the stairs to look like this (but not that good), or simply deciding not to paint the stairs at all

+ organizing garage again because it's a mess again
+ fixing fence lattice that has been broken for three years
+ changing out art frames, reorganizing art
+ organizing tools, paint, garden stuff
+ trimming/tying shrubs damaged by snow
+ painting laundry room and back entry
+ touch up paint throughout house
+ purging, not just leaving things in big piles in the basement
+ etched glass film on front door window
That's probably a list of 17. It feels like a hundred and 17.

Not including my unrealistic intentions to blog about it all along the way.

What happened to my momentum? Why has it abandoned me in this time of serious need?

My house is going on the market in April.


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