Neal and Del

I'm not big on traditions. Those I do have are, as they say in the German, eigenartig. That is to say, atypical. I don't hold an annual brunch or dinner for family and friends, and I certainly don't hack down a tree from the mountains or string up lights. (String lights are up all year in my house.) One thing I do, however, is watch the same movie every fourth Thursday of November. Because it makes me laugh every time. Every fucking time. Which is unheard of for me: She Who Is So Easily Bored.

Certain things really are sacred. And I see no reason to take part in the same American ritualisms the rest of the country does at predetermined times of the year. Is there an untraditional tradition you take part in each year? Maybe something you do on your own terms? Go ahead, I'd love to hear some amusing anecdotes.

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