Pimping the List

I don't work on Fridays so it's officially my weekend. Here's what I'm up to. Well, in theory anyway. I'm always optimistic about getting it all done, but I never do.

+ organize this drawer in the tanker (see picture)
+ shop for Ray Bans
+ go to Apple store about refurbished Macbook (even though I hate all the hipsters there)
+ catch up on blogs
+ read Lonny magazine
+ hang mirror in entry
+ watch some episodes of Weeds
+ watch Hobo with a Shotgun
+ clean the fridge
+ take photos of house with new camera
+ go see Brighton Rock or Bellflower
+ go to dog training class to observe with Monika and her dog Sam
+ make Jamie Oliver's bolognese
+ decide on and possibly buy paint for the basement

How realistic does your list look this weekend?

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