Reality Weekend

So the weekend didn't go as planned. It never does. I contracted some kind of cold and I don't do fuck-all when I'm sick. Probably some sort of psychosomatic reaction to seeing Contagion. Regrettably. As in don't bother. Jude Law doesn't even look good enough to make up for the fact that Steven Soderberg was trying too hard. It had good pacing, a good cast and all that, but it never delivered. Scary premise though, it'll make you think again about how we spread germs. But that's about it. Oh, there was one brief moment of humor when Elliott Gould's character said "Blogging is like graffiti with punctuation." Okay, that's funny shit.

We tried to see an relatively unknown film called Bellflower from director Evan Glodell. That's him in a scene from it. The indie movie theater group in Denver ran it for an entire two weeks before pulling it. To be replaced with some crowd-pleaser no doubt. (like, say, Contagion) Anyway, here's a review from Bitchin' Film Reviews and an interview with Mr. Glodell. If you were lucky enough to catch it, let me know what you think. I'll be downloading it illegally or waiting for it on Netflix, by which time I've usually forgotten why I wanted to see it in the first place.

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