The Boxers

Yes! Another design blog featuring a house with photogenic and charismatic pets!
Klaus (K-dog) is a big beautiful reverse-brindle bruiser. We adopted him when he was two and he had a shattered back leg when we got him. All fixed now. If he wants to he'll tear around like his ass is on fire. His name Klaus rhymes with "house" and he came with it. It fits so we didn't change it. He's clumsy, mellow and happy and loves to eat. He's also a lazy, stubborn fuck.
Lulu on the other hand is a devil bitch geared up on meth. She's a small flashy brindle with severe special needs. I'll just say it, she's retarded. She had mange when we got her from the boxer rescue, she's an alpha, she's aggressive and pushy, she barks at everything, she lacks bladder control, and she bites people at random. The rescue people gave her the name "Belle" and, say what? Does. Not. Fit. Lucifer is more like it, or Lunatic. But she's eager to please and can be obedient, sort of, until there's another dog within a mile in which case all bets are off and blood will flow. Lulu also kills a cats for fun. She adores Klaus though and she's disturbingly cute ... when she's not being psychotic. (I sound like a domestic abuse victim.)

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