Lame Excuses For Not Blogging

I've been remiss about blogging since March. March! 

Here goes the list:
  1. Our house sold in three days and we bought a new, smaller one about ten blocks away. What can I say? I like the neighborhood.
  2. My spouse is living and working in Beijing. Yes, that big city in northern China. We are still very much together. But there are approximately 6,356 miles between us now. I should write a post titled 'How FaceTime saved my marriage' because it has. I wanted change ... I got it.
  3. I'm insecure and think my posts are pointless and stupid compared to all the ones I read and like with beautiful photographs and witty, knowing comments by real artists, writers and designers who consistently blog AND have full time jobs, children, picturesque travel adventures, lavish dinner parties, and cats. (Why do they all have cats?) I can't even bring myself to tell anyone about this blog. So no one actually reads it anyway.
  4. I've been working on the new house.
  5. The novelty of blogging wore off.
  6. I've been traveling a lot to faraway places like, oh, China. Been there twice. I also went to South Korea, before we knew about the job in Beijing.
  7. I suck. (See my last post.) I even quit my job so, in theory, I should have more time to do this blogging thing. (Maybe it's that word 'blogger' in the American accent that bothers me. Blah-gging. Blaahh-gger. Blech. I should start using that hidden British accent of mine.)
Okay, that was just all kinds of sadness. It's not like I don't have ideas or material overflowing from my head about which to write. Although cohesiveness could be an issue.


I'm trying to get through this. It's my personal favorite First World Problem for the moment. 

Oh, the photograph above is stolen from my uncle Ed. He's an architect/photographer in Western Austrialia. He doesn't know I stalked him online and found his Flickr photostream. I'm not going to tell him. It's my favorite photo of the whole lot. Well, today it is. I have no idea what he was shooting, something in or around Fremantle. One day soon I will visit him and take my own beautifully styled, profound photographs of unfamiliar abandoned Australian industrial areas that will speak directly to the creative souls of my readership ...

But probably not.

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