The Unmade Made Bed

I'm liking this haphazard approach to styling. It seems a lot more real to me than tight hospital corners. Not that I want to crawl into someone else's messy bed but the thought of my own comfy unmade bed makes me happy. Especially at the weekend. 

Hey-o that last bed is mine. I keep it simple in summer with a thin feather comforter + plain white duvet cover. Top sheets are too much hassle – must be the European in me. Or the slacker.

What do you think of casual styling? Too messy and unkempt? Are you a smooth-with-neat-corners type or the effortless-comfort-don't-care type?

Wishing you a happy, lazy weekend regardless.


  1. How in the hell do you stage an unmade bed to look so freaking awesome? My unmade bed has never looked like that! Are you a wizard or something? 🔮 Once again, your photos are truly inspiring and fabulous!

    1. Thanks! Oh you know it's all smoke & mirrors ;)

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