Taking My Life Back

Call me a rebel but I've never liked social media. Yet somehow it can still draw me in like an opiate for dipshits. Away I go 'down the rabbit hole' as my friend Monika says, clicking blindly on complete strangers' Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter buttons they have so considerately puked all over their blogs. Next thing I know I've flushed three hours of my life down the proverbial toilet. Sucker!

I'm going to kick this stupid habit. There, I said it. And apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way about the sleaze buttons that only make blogs look desperate and cheap. Get your ugly, loathsome buttons off my internets! (Are you listening GOMI?) And while you're at it, shove your hashtags from hell up your hipster backsides. I'm done with your empty online branding and bogus popularity contests. Swallow some Unpretentiousil and shut the fuck up because your 2.4k followers are too busy being insecure to care.


Let's take back our lives. Let's put quality over quantity. Let's simplify. Let's fill our time enjoying real lives with real people and stop ogling poser jerks online. I'm hereby disconnecting the few accounts I do have from here – now you can read my verbal vomit (or not) without distraction or dilution and then get right back to your life. You're welcome.

I even killed my Instagram account today and It. Felt. Awesome. Good riddance. How do you feel about all the social media noise?


  1. Definitely on the same page, but let's still stay in touch digitally while you're out of the country, ok? I've found that most people fall into two categories, half of them could care less about your troubles or cares you're posting about, and the half think you deserve them. Good for you. Gold star coming digitally.[wink].
    P.S. Gawd, I miss you and your humor! Hurry home soon.

    1. Am I crazy or do those big share buttons (all up in our faces) just look like a junk pile? Gold star for you for keeping the TAtR blog clutter-free. Now if only we could apply that to the rest of our lives, right? ;)