When I Live in Helsinki

I will live here. I hope Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto won't mind when I boot her out of her apartment.

Are these floors realistic for two big dogs with dark fur that flies off them at a spectacular rate? Probably not. Do I care? Nope.


It's a lot of white. For those long Scandinavian winter nights. So where IS the fireplace? Whaaat, an actual flaw? It cannot be.

The back room must be where they threw all the stuff they didn't want in the photo shoot. 

Damn this understated kitchen. 

I've probably pinned this rosemary-plant-and-wood-boards-on-marble-counter photo at least seventeen times. 

In truth I'd be happy if I could just steal these black coffee mugs and the shiny espresso machine from a few photos up. Not that I'd know how to work it.

(Sorry, I mentioned my caffeine problem in my last post. Addiction is real, people.)

Bay windows too? Stop. Just stop.

Photos by Mikko Ryh√§nen via Living | Seen on Desire to Inspire


  1. Oh my gosh, that apartment is so swoon-worthy--gah! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bertoia chairs! Maybe we could 'take turns' living here-surely Joanna wouldn't mind. Who am I kidding--this place is totally perfect for you and says Design Punk all over it!! But I would be content with that proverbial 'back room.' :) How do people put homes this like together? I'm so in the dark.

    1. You will visit me and stay at least a month twice every year and the back room is all yours. Shut up, your house is fabulous – if you do a photo shoot of it I'll write a post about it next.

    2. Gulp! Guess I better start taking those photography classes ASAP. Right after I ditch 3/4ths of the extraneous crap. LOL

      Yup, the back room it is...twice a year. Once in daylight and once in the dark. Now to only find a Finnish ex-hockey player--probably best to troll/stalk for one of them in the dark, eh? :) See ya in Helsinki!

    3. Just do what everyone else does and throw all your stuff in the back room for the shoot.

      Plenty of strapping Nordic men for you any time of year! :)