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So yeah. This happened.

It's my garage. Access is in the back alley and there's a yoga studio, salon, and a popular bar all right there too. It seems my little gentrified neighborhood experiences echoes of its ghetto past at times. Not that I'm against tagging. Or ghettos. Or the past. As far as tags go, this really isn't too bad. In fact, I think with a little embellishment, it could be great. So I sent it to my graphic designer friend in California and here's what she sent back. I like it!

And no, we are not religious people.

So get this, I emailed the city's department of public works, filled out a form, and they deftly erased the tag from existence. Within 36 hours. Isn't it simply amazing how swiftly the city jumps into action for a freshly transformed white middle-class neighborhood? Ohhhh but don't get me started on the perils of gentrification because then I'll start shaming myself for being a hypocrite and, well, we can't have that.

Anyway, to the aspiring Denver street artist in search of a blank canvas: Feel free to use my extremely bland garage door (it's just asking for it anyway) but could I ask that you do something a little more along these lines? Then all of the hipster neighbors will think I'm even more edgy and cool.

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