My Philosophy

I'm not an organized person per se. But I'm trying to be. There is something about the messiness of life that appeals to my inner child. I was never much of a girly kid because I was always trying to keep up with my older brother and his bruiser friends. I couldn't be a sissy and stay in the gang, right? Not saying organized is sissy, just that it's not exactly punkrock either. So now that I'm grown up, I'm working on a few things to control the mess. I like to keep in mind however that, try as I might, the stuff of life (mine anyway) can't be compartmentalized and boxed up for all eternity. That just doesn't seem healthy. So here's a general list of my goals:
+ Keep it simple. I'm not very good at this, or not as good as I'd like. Getting better.
+ Purge. It's liberating, so why don't I do it more often? And why do things always creep back?
+ Follow through. Abandoned projects be gone. Half-assedness can go too.
+ Change is good. I'm great at this! It drives my husband up the wall.
+ Maintain convictions. See above.
+ Find balance. Watch the OCD tendencies for example. Life is too short.
+ Keep insecurity in check. Comparison is the thief of joy.
+ Be brave. I'm still going to be criticized so I might as well do whatever the fuck I want.
+ Don't judge or be a jerk.  Same thing. Unless it's for entertainment purposes.


  1. The blog is fantastic!!! I'm loving it and will promote it every chance I can. As always you have excelled. Now I want to totally trash mine and start over. Yours is sooooooo much better.

  2. Aww, you're too kind. No way lady, Tails Around the Ranch is awesome, AND informative - don't change a thing!