Sunday Girl

Sunday nights. Hate or love? Both. Hate that I'm thinking about work tomorrow, and the work week is about to begin, and I have all these dumbass meaningless work things to do when I get to the office at the crack of dawn. But love that I'm still home, and the lazy weekend lingers with late dinner and extra wine. Hell yes. Love that. So I inevitably stay up too late trying to savor what's left of the day. Which only exacerbates my grumpy zombie nature on Monday.

Not that this weekend was lazy. In fact, I should explain my blog absence since Monday. (As if I'm a consistent blogger?!) Been sick, so there's that. Also been working on the basement. Very challenging. Because wow, that is one raw space. About as rough as it gets. As in, parts of the floor are actually dirt. You could park a car in some of the foundation cracks. I won't describe the spiders and other insect colonies down there. It was the smell, however, that weird staleness coming from the depths, that finally made us (well, me) do something about it. After four years. Of that questionable smell of basement seep.

Two more weekends and the basement will be presentable. Maybe.

Note to self. And to readers, if I ever indeed get some. Wear gloves when using expanding foam in a can. That shit does not come off.

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